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WHEN General Assembly of the Bali Art Society (BAS) decided to host its first exhibition to promote contemporary art here in Bali, and support emerging artist and the arts community of Bali, all committee members and general members of BAS decided without hesitation to support this event even though it only had a miniscule budget in hand.  A working committee was formed and with the support of 221, mostly artists members this event, a first of its kind is finally coming to its realization through much commitment passion and hard work by all our supporters.

The title “Bali on The Move” was chosen.  The title came about after much discussion relating to Bali’s past art movements in relation to the art produced by fine artists of today.

Why BALI ART FAIR?   The decision to hold an Art Fair by the Committee came about also through much discussion, ranging from group to individual discussions. After much consideration, the committee of Bali On The Move embraced the idea backed by our members to stage an Art Fair and showcase to the international community the strength of the artist commitment to their fine arts practice and the high standard of fine art that is produced by them.   Bali Art Fair is consistent with the mandate of the Statute of BAS for the promotion of art here in relationship to the rest of the world art scene and our commitment to move forward with new interest strength and power as a collective.

BAS committee believed in the artist’s strength within the island that an Art Fair of a high standard could stand beside other Art Fairs from around the world, and also contribute to the variety and quality of art for the global art market as a collective show of force.  In addition to this idea of staging an art Fair many memories surfaced about the often forgotten history of the Pitamaha, of the 1930’s who also came together as a collective to promote the fine art from the island of Bali.  So in some ways, this event can be seen as a way forward by rejuvenating the past history of promoting art on a global arena…

Neo PitaMaha Sebuah Gerakan Seni Lukis Bali

Oleh Tang Adimawan
SEJARAH panjang seni lukis Bali, hanya dapat terbaca dalam beberapa buku-buku yan


Contemporary Works in Focus at Bali Art Fair 2013

By Richard Horstman
Last Friday evening the Bali Art Fair 2013 opened with the Bali Art Soci

Bali On the Move – Bali Art Fair 2013

by Richard Horstman

Air Pollution, an installation by Balinese contemporary artist Made Wian